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“Pistol jazz is an instrumental band(violence, beauty, and own vision) who expresses the energy of life with avant-garde music.

Once you hear their wild sound of rapture, you will hear the sound of their burning souls are going to be a legend of Pistol Jazz.”

It is a pleasure to publish today PISTOL JAZZ’s “Original Soundtrack”, a fierce, proud, straightforward and spirited album, by a band we met some time ago in Junichi Usui’s Japanese “No More Cool” Indie Music Compilation (SR128). That compilation not only featured great and independent music from Japan, a country I cherish most, but also created deep and fruitful connections, and this album is clearly coming from that. 

Pistol Jazz are hard to classify. You’d think they play some kinda jazz, for some reason, because as soon as you think that you’re proven wrong. I said “fierce” and in fact this is the best I can describe their music, but they f course have done much better, calling themselves “PIRATES OF PUNK”. Pirates that respect nothing, pirates that live free, pirates that take music and make it their own, pirates on a constant hunt for more. 

Today’s social media lets you follow friends and musicians so much more closely than in the past. You’d hardly know anyone in the past, people were strangers and their music and work spoke for themselves, but today you can actually not only talk to them but also see what they post, what they see, what they hear, think and eat. Pictures of sunsets, tattoos, motorbikes and riding along empty beaches are what I see from their member’s accounts. Not only this, but this is the image I was looking for, and exactly what I had imagined and wondered. Their live shows show the kind of energy and extreme will to live to the fullest I expected from venues such as 20000 Denatsu at John Zorn’s time. Places I’ve never been.

Pistol Jazz is a surprise and a pleasure. And you should experience it too.

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